Salgar Group Industrial, 1.3, S.L., our company was created in 2013, following the guidelines of Planchistería Industrial Salgar, S.L. We have an experience of over 30 years that guarantees the quality of our services in the industrial sector.

Our company is in continuous progress due to new trends in Industrial markets. In this permanent race there is a mutual collaboration with different engineering methods, which enable us to consolidate our position in complete safety in projects that we develop.

Xarxa Industrial i Negocis de Catalunya «Member of the Xarxa Industrial i Negocis de Catalunya»

Salgar Group Industrial 1.3, S.L. - Metallurgical company of Castellar del Vallés with more than 30 years of experience in the Industrial Sector in Catalonia, Spain, Europe. Specialized in the manufacture of metallic structures of iron, steel and ferroalloys.


Our Industrial warehouse is located in Castellar del Vallès, allowing us to have a presence in different areas and industry sectors, helping us to have a remarkable success for making custom work, as we are an auxiliary company.

Our fully equipped warehouse is more than 1000 square meters
Salgar Group Industrial 1.3, S.L. - Industrial building in Castellar del Vallés fully equipped with more than 1000 square meters, well located in Catalonia, Spain, Europe, allowing to have presence in different areas and sectors of the metallurgical industry, which helps us to characterize ourselves by carrying out tailor made Be an auxiliary company.


Our outstanding services
  • Wire industry
  • Metal Coils

  • Steel Pallets

  • Baskets for drawing

  • Tilting Baskets for drawing

  • Inox Bathtubs

  • Stands.. and more!

  • Construction sector
  • Metal structures

  • Stairs

  • Railings.. and more!

  • Textile industry
  • Buckets for tinting

  • Deposits

  • Rollers

  • Steam cylinders

  • Drying lines.. and more!

  • Food sector
  • Packaging machines accessories

  • Restoration accessories

  • Silos

  • Spiders.. and more!

  • Automotive sector
  • Ramps

  • Painth bath lines

  • Enclosures.. and more!

  • Treatment systems
  • Slurry tanks

  • Filtering deposits

  • Deposits of coolants.. and more!

  • Maintenance
  • Barcelona’s seaport.. and more!


We also have the Welding Certificate in more than 90% of our employees, who have obtained the Official Welding Certificate, according to the Ministry of Industry regulations approved by the European Union. Furthermore we have the certification process EEC for one of our customers.


A collection of our best projects
We offer an efficient and quality service, to stand out among the metallurgy companies, we are committed with seriousness and commitment, transmitting tranquility to each and every one of our clients.


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You will find us at Castellar del Vallès